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What are the rules to posting?

How do I add an avatar to my profile?

An avatar, the image that appears next to users names on their posts, may be added to all registered users' profiles. To add an avatar to your profile, click on Forum Actions -> Edit Profile. Within the left side-bar menu, you will be given the option to "Edit Avatar" located under the headers "My Settings/ My Profile."

How to find members/professionals on AllSpecialEd?

On AllSpecialEd, you can locate members and professionals by their location, interests, and availability for private services. Just click: Community -> Member List -> Search Members Advanced

How do I change the date and time so my posts display accurately?

In order to make sure the date and time of your posts are displayed accurately click "Settings" in the top right of your screen next to "My Profile." Next, scroll down to the bottom left of the screen and click "General Settings" under "My Account." After that, scroll down till you see "Date and Time Options," and click on the bar to the right of "Time Zone." Select the time zone that fits your area. For those of us on the east coast it will be "Eastern Time Us & Canada."

Do you want to be emailed when someone has replied to your thread? Read to find out how.

Click on "Settings" in the top right corner of your screen next to the "Profile" tab. Next scroll down and click "General Settings" on the left hand side under "My Account." Under "Messaging and Notification" look for "Default Thread Subscription Mode." It is the second box down. Click in the bar next to it and choose if you would like to be updated on responses to your threads instantly, daily, or weekly.

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